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Chapter 1: "Rise, Rebel Rabbits, Rise!"

Snapshot: 11.26.2021

Claimable dates: 12.03.2021 - 12.17.2021

Chapter 2

Snapshot: TBD

Claimable dates: TBD

As each chapter is released, a snapshot of Rebel Rabbits holders will be taken. Those holders will be given access to claim a free collectible NFT (excluding gas) for a limited time for each mask they hold.

Mask holders who collect and hold all 8 chapter NFTs will be eligible to be sent a physical copy of Rebel Rabbits Volume 1, as well as some amazing additional surprises. Do note, there may be additional opportunities to burn your chapter claimables along the way so choose your path carefully...

We are the uprising

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Rebel Rabbits is a movement, NOT an investment

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